Friday, May 13, 2011

GTD - intake automation with Toodledo and

I'm still in the process of converting my task workflows from Things to Toodledo, for reasons mentioned previously

One of the most important things for me is to have an automated workflow for task intake from email people send me to my task management application.

For (my email application) I use Mail Act-On so that I can have a keyboard shortcut run an Applescript. For Toodledo I use Applescript to create a new email message to my Toodledo email address for new task creation, and I prepulate the email with the original subject, and an email body that contains information about who the email was from, when it turned up, and then a URL that will open the email in if clicked.

I leave the message open so I can edit the Subject line (adding toodledo email syntax about when it is due and what folder to put it in etc) then I send it away and move the message out of my inbox into a "to-process" folder where things are archived

The end result is a new toodledo task with a note that contains a link that will open the message. Fabulous.

Here's the script


Venture said...

Great script. Thank you for sharing. Just a heads up - your Toodledo address is in the script. I tested it, and think I just sent a task into your account. Sorry!

Mike Hardy said...

Too funny - Venture, you're totally right. I just made a new version with the IETF-approved "" instead ;-), thanks for owning up, and glad you like the script. Cheers