Sunday, May 15, 2011

GTD - automating addition of new email info to an existing Toodledo

This will probably be the last post about migrating from Things to toodledo, as I've got all my most frequently-used workflows automated at this point

The last thing I needed to do after migrating all my data and automating task intake from Mail was automating the addition of new information from Mail to an existing Toodledo task.

The specific use case is that I've already got a task tracked in Toodledo and there is email traffic concerning it - some with important information I'd like to easily reference - but the task isn't done yet. How do you make that information easily referenced? The most useful way in my opinion is to save a link to that message along with some metadata about it, in the note of the Toodledo task.

To do that quickly, I wrote a little Applescript that fishes out the date, the sender, and the message id, and puts that information on the clipboard with the message id embedded in a clickable link. Now you just have to go to the task in toodledo and hit the paste key, and you're all set.

As with my new task creation script, I use Mail Act-On to bind execution of this script to a hot-key and simultaneously chuck the message into an archiving folder - keeping me from mousing as much and keeping my inbox clean.

Here's the script - Copy Message Link.scpt - hopefully you find it useful


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