Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Graphing JMeter results from the command line

I'm currently knee-deep in some performance testing, and I wanted to have fully automated JMeter runs, with attendant fully-automated graphing of the results.

There's lots of results to graph from the systems, but the JMeter log itself is a great source of data.

Only problem is, the best-looking script didn't seem to want to produce the two most important graphs I wanted to see! (aggregate throughput and aggregate users)

The script is here:



All it needed was a small patch though, et voila, I've got the aggregate charts.

Maybe this will save others (http://markmail.org/message/yntlaygfepnpine7) the time?

[mhardy@tkdevvm( util]$ diff jmetergraph.pl ~/mike/Desktop/jmetergraph.pl
< $glabels{'entire'} = \%entire;


Obea said...

why i execute command : -> $ diff jmetergraph.pl ~/jmetergraph.pl 313,314d312 < $glabels{'entire'} = \%entire; <
report error :-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'

Mike Hardy said...

Obea - you don't need to execute that command - that is a cut-and-paste from the command line showing me running a diff command on my edited version of jmetergraph.pl, and the result of that diff - I put that in there so you could see the change I made. Hope this helps!