Thursday, September 25, 2008

MacBook Pro rev3+ works with 6GB ram (1x4GB SODIMM, 1x2GB SODIMM)

1x4GB SODIMM RAM sticks just came out, and they're actually not that expensive ($179 @ NewEgg)

Read on a zdnet review site that a Rev3 or higher MacBook Pro would boot with 2x4GB sticks, but not work well

An enterprising forum member on some Australian tech site defied someone else's unsubstantiated data to show that in a 1x4GB+1x2GB SODIMM configuration it would work, so I ponied up to try it for myself along with a colleague.

Works just fine for me, second day running. Going to kit out the rest of the office with them.

VMs running with 2 CPUs and 3GB of RAM while your host machine is still humming along? Definitely worth $170...


Mike Hardy said...

I should mention that I originally got the idea it could work from here:

This is the purchase link:

Mike Hardy said...

That RAM seems to be not available anymore, but I'm still buying these rigs for new developers refurb from the apple store

Here's a new link, currently cheapest on pricegrabber and nexttag: