Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Macbook Pros underwhelming

Only new features I was able to discern:

- larger hard drive
- faster RAM (but limited to 4GB according to them, and there are no 1x4GB 1067MHz parts that I'm aware of)
- stiffer chassis

All the other stuff looked not-that-interesting

I'm especially bummed that they upped the speed of the RAM since that means our new 6GB strategy won't work as there are no parts, and they didn't introduce a 17" one that I can see.

But they're heavier at least!

3rd Gen and 4th Gen 17" MBPs are still the best bet for us I think, with 6GB in them.

Any one else have thoughts?

This is possibly material as we have enough people now that hardware refresh is always going on, so we're always potentially in the market for a laptop or two.

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Mike Hardy said...

Breaking news, new MacBook Pros are unstable at 6GB RAM.

So not only do they not add a lot of features, they are actually a *regression* from the 4th generation MBPs with regard to maximum memory size.

I love my 3rd Gen 17" MBP, but that's just lame, Apple.

Consumers, definitely do your research before upgrading inside a product line you currently like, even!