Friday, February 15, 2008

Windows locks files, I unlock them

Still dealing with a recalcitrant windows environment where I'm trying to automate the deployment of a ColdFusion application.

Problem is, even after you stop the ColdFusion servers (and you ensure they're down via tasklist.exe inspection), some files are still locked.

It appears the only way to unlock them is to reboot the machine. (yes, I know this is abhorrent, believe me, I'd avoid it)

The way to do this easiest (I think) is to use the 'sc' Windows builtin to set the services to start manually (instead of automatically) (e.g. 'sc config "" start= demand')

Then reboot the machine, and check remotely until the machine's uptime is recent (via something like 'net statistics srvr|grep since 2>&1') via ssh, then parsing (m/\D+(\d+)\D(\d+)\D(\d+)\s+(\d+):(\d+)\s+(AM|PM)/) out the uptime (using Time::Local, and being careful if you don't get what you expect since that machines the machine is rebooting so the connection failed).

Once it's rebooted, you should be good to go, then just sc to set the start back to "auto" and you're done.

Easy (ha)

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Unknown said...

maybe an even easier option is to try "Unlocker", a free util that takes care of most locked files.

Then only as a last resort, you can reboot